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DAC 2017 Conference – June 18-22, 2017, Austin, Texas



MEF (MEMS Engineer Forum) 2017 – April 26-27, 2017, Tokyo



MEF (MEMS Engineer Forum) 2017

Coventor in the News – Silicon Photonics


Coventor in the News

Photonics in Silicon R&D Toward Tb/s

By Ed Korczynski, Sr. Technical Editor, Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design


The client:server computing paradigm colloquially referred to as the “Cloud” results in a need for extremely efficient Cloud server hardware, and from first principles the world can save a lot of energy resources if servers run on photonics instead of electronics. Though the potential for cost-savings is well known, the challenge of developing cost-effective integrated photonics solutions remains. Today, discrete compound-semiconductor chips function as transmitters, multiplexers (MUX), and receivers of photons, while many global organizations pursue the vision of lower-cost integrated silicon (Si) photonics circuits. read more…

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BEOL Barricades: Navigating Future Yield, Reliability and Cost Challenges

By: David Fried, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Semiconductor

Figure 1. M2-V1 process flow after (a) M2-L1 lithography, (b) M2-L2 litho, (c) V1 partial etch, (d) BLok open and (e) CuBS.

Coventor recently assembled an expert panel at IEDM 2016, to discuss changes to BEOL process technology that would be needed to continue dimensional scaling to 7 nm and lower. We asked our panelists questions such as: read more…

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Coventor’s Technology Roundtable at IEDM 2016


Coventor Spearheads Discussion on Navigating Future Semiconductor Yield, Reliability and Cost Challenges

CARY, NC– December 6, 2016 – Coventor®, Inc., the leading supplier of automated software solutions for semiconductor devices and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), is sponsoring an advanced semiconductor technology panel on Tuesday, December 6 in San Francisco, California at the 2016 IEDM Conference. The panel is entitled “BEOL Barricades: Navigating Future Semiconductor Yield, Reliability and Cost Challenges”.

The panel discussion will explore major questions in advanced semiconductor development, including: read more…

Coventor to Collaborate with MIT for Photonics Process Modeling

Coventor will offer expertise and tools to support MIT’s role in AIM Photonics

CARY, NC– November 15, 2016 – Coventor, a leading supplier of semiconductor process development tools, today announced that it will collaborate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”) on silicon photonics process modeling. MIT is a key player in the AIM Photonics program, a federally funded, public-private partnership established to advance domestic capabilities in integrated photonic technology and strengthen high-tech U.S.-based manufacturing. Coventor will provide its SEMulator3D® process modeling platform to model the effect of process variation in the development of photonic integrated components. Integration of photonics with conventional CMOS technology is needed for next-generation scientific, industrial and consumer applications ranging from data communications to metrology to aerospace applications. read more…

Bringing Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies to Higher Education

By: Jimmy Gu, Ph.D., Semiconductor Process & Integration Engineer, Coventor

Campus image for November 2016 blog

Universities and other institutions of higher learning play a key role in developing our next generation of semiconductor technologies. Along with the theory of semiconductor technology, our next generation of scientists and engineers must learn about the practical methods used to design and manufacture the latest generation of semiconductor products. read more…

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Software Developer (C++ / 3D) – Paris, France

Software Developer (C++ / 3D) – Paris, France

We are seeking a talented software development engineer with a strong interest in developing engineering applications. You will be a key player on our Agile development team, responsible for 2D/3D modeling and mesh generation aspects of our design and simulation platform. You will participate in a variety of design, implementation and testing tasks, across the full breadth of our software. Your contributions will be crucial to the success of our next generation modeling and simulation software tool which is used to design micro-fabricated sensors and actuators (MEMS) for smart phones, consumer electronics, self-driving cars and many other applications.

Responsibilities include:

  • Improving our utilization of a solid modeling kernel (algorithms, features, speed, robustness)
  • Enhancing and extending our 2D-to-3D model generation capabilities
  • Introducing mesh generation to our latest tool
  • Developing code in C++, including unit testing and bug fixing
  • Troubleshooting issues that arise at customer sites
  • Providing input to and reviewing documentation, tutorials, and user training materials.

Required Qualifications:

  • M.S or Ecole d’ingénieur in applied computer science or related disciplines
  • Knowledge of and aptitude for Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns
  • Experience in C++
  • Excellent English communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Strong spatial aptitude (be a visual thinker)
  • Must be legally entitled to work in France

Desirable Qualifications (any of the following):

  • Working experience with ACIS/HOOPS or equivalent geometric modeling and 3D visualization kernels (training will be organized for beginners)
  • Experience with mesh generation
  • Knowledge of multi-threaded software development on Windows or Linux

Salary, job title and responsibilities will be commensurate with experience. This opening is in Villebon sur Yvette (91), close to Paris. If you are interested in this opportunity and you are authorized to work in France, e-mail your cover letter and CV in English to

About Coventor:

Coventor, Inc. ( is the global market leader in design automation solutions for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and virtual fabrication of MEMS and semiconductor devices. Coventor serves a worldwide customer base of integrated device manufacturers, fabless design houses, independent foundries, and R&D organizations that develop MEMS-based products for automotive, aerospace, industrial, defense, and consumer electronics applications, including smart phones, tablets, wearables, and Internet of Things (IoT). Coventor’s software tools and expertise enable
its customers to simulate and optimize MEMS device designs and fabrication processes, reducing reliance on time-consuming and costly build-and-test cycles.