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Colibrys precision tilt sensor locked into high reliability platform stabilization applications

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd. has announced the release of the MS9001.D, a MEMS based tilt sensor targeted at industrial and aerospace markets for use typically in platform stabilization applications. The product has already been qualified for example in conjunction with satellite communication and scanning radar antennas, remote surveillance cameras, industrial table-tops or fire-control servo-systems. read more…

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Coventor Talks MEMS at COMS 2011

Coventor recently participated in the COMS 2011, event, which was held right in our ‘backyard’ of Greensboro, North Carolina. COMS, which stands for Commercialization of Micro-Nano Systems, is an annual conference hosted by MANCEF (Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation). It draws experts and researchers from around the world, and this year there were 278 registered attendees from 17 countries.
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Intel Announces Production-Ready 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate Transistor

Yesterday Intel announced its readiness for high-volume manufacturing of 3-D tri-gate (FinFET) transistors. Among other benefits, the tri-gate configuration allows Intel to manufacture higher performance fully-depleted devices without resorting to Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) wafers. The performance gains quoted by Intel over their own 32nm planar transistor technology are impressive, including a 37% speed increase at low voltage , 18% speed increase at high voltage and 50% or greater power reduction at constant performance. All these performance benefits come with only a 2-3% cost increase.
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Process Simulation vs. Process Emulation: is SEMulator3D really TCAD?

I was interested to note that Silvaco has recently listed SEMulator3D as a competitor for their VICTORY Process Cell software on their website. It’s great to be mentioned as a contender in the TCAD process simulation space. But I’d like to take the opportunity to examine the following question – are SEMulator3D and VICTORY Process Cell really direct competitors?

On the surface, both SEMulator3D and VICTORY Process Cell can do some similar things. Both tools are fast, layout driven process modeling engines that are designed to build 3D models of MEMS and semiconductor devices. Both tools can model individual process steps or entire process sequences, and can model a variety of process and device types. And both tools can create meshes suitable for further physics simulation.

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Coventor Announces Global Expansion with New Office in Southern Europe and Distribution Agreement in China

Strong growth in MEMS fuels demand for company’s robust design platform

CARY, North Carolina – March 30, 2011 – Coventor®, Inc., the leading supplier of software for developing micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), today announced it has expanded its reach in two key geographies with the opening of a new office in Italy, and a new distribution agreement in China. The expansion positions Coventor to leverage the continued growth of the MEMS market and meet the need for more sophisticated design solutions to address the challenges of developing MEMS-enabled products. read more…

New Release of SEMulator3D® Now Available

We are pleased to announce that the 2011 version of Semulator3D is now available to customers. The production proven tool, used by some of the world’s leading IC and MEMS manufacturers, such as IBM, Imec and Infineon, offers a host of new features that improve productivity and team collaboration for modeling new manufacturing processes. Plus, the new version delivers a significant boost in performance thanks to optimized algorithms that speed modeling of the most compute-intensive tasks.
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Coventor SEMulator3D Software Reduces Cost and Development Cycles for Semiconductor and MEMS Processes

IBM and IMEC among industry leaders realizing benefits of SEMulator3D virtual fabrication for 22nm semiconductor and integrated MEMS+CMOS process applications

CARY, North Carolina – March 7, 2011 – Coventor®, Inc., the leading supplier of software for developing micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), today announced availability of SEMulator3D® 2011, the latest version of its virtual fabrication software for semiconductor and MEMS process development organizations. SEMulator3D is already in use by the world’s largest semiconductor companies, MEMS integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) and MEMS foundries for tasks ranging from process integration and documentation of advanced logic and memory process nodes to MEMS design verification, and has provided rapid ROI by reducing time-consuming, costly build-and-test cycles. read more…

MEMS+ 2.1 Release Now Available

Coventor has just released MEMS+ 2.1 for MATLAB Simulink and Cadence. MEMS+ 2.1 is a full update of MEMS+ 2.0 that includes a new MATLAB scripting interface. The new MATLAB scripting interface makes it possible to run simulations on a MEMS+ design directly from MATLAB, without involving Simulink. If you are a current MEMS+ customer you can download MEMS+ 2.1 from

It is not necessary to uninstall or install MEMS+ 2.0 before installing this update. Coventor strongly advises all customer sites to install this update.

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