MEMS Executive Congress: Focus on Mobile

The MEMS Executive Congress (November 7-8 in Napa, Calif.) is a great annual event that brings together important stakeholders from throughout the MEMS ecosystem – MEMS developers, foundries, developers of MEMS-enabled products and design tool companies such as Coventor. We look forward every year to hear about important trends, technology developments and new applications areas – and, of course, meet up with long-time friends within the industry.

It’s no surprise that this year’s event is focused on mobile as mobile devices are driving growth and opportunity in the MEMS industry. Smart phones, tablets, games, and cameras are all increasing their MEMS content with a broad array of new capabilities that enable users to interact with their environment. Add in the growing trend for wearable computing – for health, sports, education and entertainment applications – and mobile products are clearly the key focal point for MEMS. As one observer pointed out, “mobile devices are quickly becoming the planet’s foremost wireless sensor network.”

At this year’s Congress, there will be sessions dedicated to mobile applications and technology, including an interesting panel discussion that features executives from Qualcomm, HTC, InvenSense and National Instruments.

Questions that will be considered during the course of the event include:

  1. How will MEMS device suppliers balance demand for more functionality with package size and power consumption?
  2. How will the race toward higher levels of integration affect MEMS device suppliers, integrators and OEMs?
  3. What new capabilities and enhancements can we expect from mobile MEMS in phones, gaming, tablets and wearable computing?
  4. Will we see more differentiation based on software or on hardware? What does this mean for the current players in the MEMS field—more consolidation or more diversity?

In addition, keynote speeches by executives from GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Qualcomm underscore the importance of MEMS in the entire semiconductor and electronics products spectrum. We look forward to hearing how the MEMS industry is bringing new opportunities to these great companies, and how these great companies may in turn bring new thinking to design enablement for the fabless MEMS industry.

Coventor is proud to sponsor this extremely well-organized event. We thank the MEMS Industry Group (MIG) for their efforts in making the MEMS Congress the premier event for us all. As we release our fourth generation of MEMS+, we look forward to engaging with designers, foundry partners, and others within the MEMS industry to learn how we can continue to collaborate and add important new capabilities that drive our industry forward.

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