Coventor Makes History (Museum)

Art piece with award

Organizers of the 53rd Design Automation Conference (DAC) hosted an art show to highlight the creativity and artistry that goes into much of the work in the electronics industry.  Coventor was honored with the grand prize for our 3D sculpture, which modeled 14nm FinFET Technology.

Here’s the background on how we came to make this piece.  read more…

Brainstorm: Wearables

ProductDesignDevelopment By PD&D Staff, Product Design and Development

In the Product Design & Development Brainstorm, we talk with industry leaders to get their perspective on issues critical to the design engineering marketplace.

In this issue, we ask: What are some of the key technology trends that will shape the evolution of the wearables market?

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2D/3D Modeling Software Engineer for CAD/CAE Applications – Paris, France

2D/3D Modeling Software Engineer for CAD/CAE Applications – Paris, France

We are seeking a talented software development engineer with a strong background in solid modeling and strong interest and/or experience in developing engineering applications. You will be a key player on our Agile development team, responsible for all 3D modeling and mesh generation aspects of our design and simulation platform. You will participate in a variety of design, implementation and testing tasks, across the full breadth of our software. Your contributions will be crucial to the success of our next generation modeling and simulation software tool targeted at MEMS and IC designers.

Responsibilities include:

  • Improving our utilization of a solid modeling kernel (features, speed, robustness)
  • Enhancing and extending our 2D-to-3D model generation capabilities
  • Introducing mesh generation to our latest tool
  • Unit testing and bug fixing
  • Troubleshooting issues that arise at customer sites
  • Providing input to and reviewing documentation, tutorials, and user training materials.

Required Qualifications:

  • M.S. or Ecole d’ingénieur degree in applied computer science
  • Working experience with ACIS/HOOPS or equivalent solid modeling and 3D visualization kernels
  • Knowledge of and aptitude for Object Oriented Design and Design Patterns
  • Substantial experience in C++
  • Professional software development experience on Windows or Linux
  • Excellent English communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Must be legally entitled to work in France

Desirable Qualifications (any of the following):

  • Experience coding in Java
  • Experience with mesh generation for finite element analysis
  • Knowledge of multi-threaded software development on Windows or Linux

Salary, job title and responsibilities will be commensurate with experience. This opening is in Villebon sur Yvette (91), close to Paris. If you are interested in this opportunity and you are authorized to work in France, e-mail your cover letter and CV in English to

Ingénieur logiciel de modélisation 2D/3D (CAO) – Paris, France (Français)

Ingénieur logiciel de modélisation 2D/3D (CAO)- Paris, France

Nous recherchons un ingénieur développement logiciel possédant une forte expérience en modélisation du solide et ayant un grand intérêt pour le développement d’applications d’ingénierie. Vous serez un membre clé de notre équipe de développement Agile, et serez responsable de toute la modélisation 3D et la génération de maillage de notre logiciel de conception et de simulation. Vous participerez à l’ensemble des tâches de développement (conception, implémentation, tests) sur l’ensemble du logiciel. Vos contributions seront essentielles au succès de la prochaine génération de nos logiciels destinés aux concepteurs de MEMS et de circuits intégrés.


  • l’amélioration de l’usage du noyau de modélisation des solides (fonctionnalités, efficacité, robustesse);
  • l’amélioration et le développement de la génération de solides 3D à partir de masques 2D;
  • l’introduction de la génération de maillage à notre dernier logiciel;
  • l’écriture de tests fonctionnels et la résolution des bogues;
  • la résolution de problèmes logiciels rencontrés par nos clients;
  • la préparation, l’édition et la validation de la documentation, des tutoriaux et des supports de formation.

Qualifications requises:

  • master ou diplôme d’ingénieur en informatique;
  • expérience de développement 3D via ACIS/HOOPS ou d’autres noyaux 3D équivalents;
  • connaissance et pratique de la programmation orientée objet et des schémas de conception usuels;
  • expérience conséquente en C++;
  • expérience de développement de logiciel sous Windows ou Linux;
  • très bon niveau de communication en anglais technique (écrit et oral).

Qualifications appréciées:

  • expérience de programmation en Java;
  • génération de maillage à fin d’analyse par éléments finis;
  • développement d’application multifil sur Windows ou linux.

Le salaire proposé, le titre et les responsabilités seront fonction du niveau d’expérience. Ce poste en CDI est à pourvoir à Villebon-sur-Yvette (91), en région parisienne. Pour postuler, vous devez être un résident de l’Union Européenne ou avoir un titre de travail pour l’Europe. Si vous êtes intéressé par ce poste, envoyez-nous votre CV et votre lettre de motivation en anglais à l’adresse suivante:

A propos:

Coventor, Inc ( est l’entreprise en pointe sur la création de solutions logicielles pour les systèmes micro-électroniques (MEMS) et la fabrication virtuelle de MEMS et semi-conducteurs. Coventor travaille avec les acteurs de l’écosystème MEMS dans des domaines comme l’automobile, l’aérospatiale, la défense, l’industrie ou les
applications grand public, comme les téléphones, les tablettes ou tout autre objet connecté.

Coventor Participates in A*STAR IME’S Third Consortium to Develop MEMS Technologies for Industrial IOT, Automotive and Indoor Navigation Applications


A*STAR IME’s collaborative partnership with industry will enable the development of cutting-edge industrial-grade sensors to heighten performance and achieve cost-effectiveness for MEMS devices

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IMEC Partner Technical Week Review

IMEC Partner Technical Week Review

By:   Aurélie Juncker, Semiconductor Process & Integration Engineer

a.Fully aligned Via with Cu recess approach - Gayle Murdoch, b. STT-RAM - Davide Crotti, c. N10 Supernova2 process - Matt Gallagher

a. Fully aligned Via with Cu recess approach – Gayle Murdoch, b. STT-RAM – Davide Crotti, c. N10 Supernova2 process – Matt Gallagher

In March 2016, Coventor was invited to the biannual Partner Technical Week (PTW) at IMEC in Leuven, Belgium. IMEC, a world-leading research group in nanotechnology, organizes their Partner Technical Week every 6 months to present scientific results to their partners. During this week, a number of specialists from IMEC’s many partner companies also discuss their progress in areas related to IMEC’s research. This event brings together a large number of engineers who are specialists in their domain, and provides an interesting forum to leverage the scientific knowledge gained by IMEC and its partners. read more…

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RC extraction from ‘virtual fab’ models may speed PDK availability

Tech Design Forum Logo By Luke Collins, Tech Design Forum

Coventor has updated its SEMulator3D virtual fabrication tool so it can extract predicted resistance and capacitance values from its models. The analysis tool could be used to speed up the availability of early PDKs for rapidly evolving processes.

SEMulator3D abstracts IC manufacturing steps into behavioural models, so that it can simulate a a whole process in a ‘virtual fab’. Because the process steps are modeled using behavioural abstractions, rather than full physics, it becomes practical to run multiple options to explore how variations in each step will affect overall outcomes.

read the full article here

SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium 2017 – February 26th-March 2nd 2017, San Jose, CA

SPIESPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium