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Coventor Talks MEMS at COMS 2011

Coventor recently participated in the COMS 2011, event, which was held right in our ‘backyard’ of Greensboro, North Carolina. COMS, which stands for Commercialization of Micro-Nano Systems, is an annual conference hosted by MANCEF (Micro and Nanotechnology Commercialization Education Foundation). It draws experts and researchers from around the world, and this year there were 278 registered attendees from 17 countries.
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MEMS+ 2.1 Release Now Available

Coventor has just released MEMS+ 2.1 for MATLAB Simulink and Cadence. MEMS+ 2.1 is a full update of MEMS+ 2.0 that includes a new MATLAB scripting interface. The new MATLAB scripting interface makes it possible to run simulations on a MEMS+ design directly from MATLAB, without involving Simulink. If you are a current MEMS+ customer you can download MEMS+ 2.1 from

It is not necessary to uninstall or install MEMS+ 2.0 before installing this update. Coventor strongly advises all customer sites to install this update.

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MEMS Energy Harvesting Modeling – Holst – IMEC – Coventor

As wireless sensor nodes become smaller, their energy supply is a limiting factor for further miniaturization as integration density is limited by the space requirements of the energy storage system. MEMS based energy harvesters, such as the one shown in this example, are becoming a key enabler for further miniaturization and deployment of energy autonomous sensor nodes. read more…

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A 2D scanning MEMS mirror from ASTRI

A contribution from Wei Ma, H. -Y. Chan, Yick Chuen Chan, Chun Cheong Wong, Francis Chee Shuen Lee from ASTRI in HongKong.

This micro-mechanical scanning mirror has drawn wide attention recently as its combination with diode light sources (e.g., laser diodes) provides a promising solution for mini image projectors, which can be integrated in portable electronics. The combination of a large scanning angle at a high resonant frequency but low actuation power is essential for this application.

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