Software Features of Architect3D

Architect3D™ provides a complete environment for designing and simulating MEMS. It is ideal for rapidly designing and optimizing complex MEMS devices that employ electrostatics for actuation or sensing. Architect3D is a stand-alone product bundle, but it is tightly integrated with CoventorWare® 2012 and previous releases. Architect3D includes the components listed below.

Synopsys Saber

Saber is a proven platform that is widely used for simulating multi-physics systems in the automotive, aerospace, energy and defense industries. Saber includes the following components

  • Saber Sketch – a user friendly graphical schematic editor which also serves as the console for accessing all other functionality in Architect3D;
  • Saber Simulator – a mult-physics circuit simulator that provides all types of simulation (DC analysis, small-signal AC analysis, transient analysis, etc.). Supports models implemented in the MAST and VHDL-AMS modeling languages;
  • Cosmos Scope — a powerful graphical waveform viewer and post-processor; and
  • Template Library (Optional) – over 1,000 generic components for electrical (analog and digital), control systems, and multi-physics systems;
  • Inspec Manufacturing Analysis (Optional) – provides the ability to perform Monte Carlo, stress, sensitivity, and parametric analyses. These analyses can be valuable for optimizing performance, manufacturability, and yield.

Architect3D schematic of a dual-mass gyroscope, captured in Saber Sketch.

MEMS Component Library

The parametric electro-mechanical (PEM) component library is the heart of Architect3D. Developed by Coventor and capturing many years of MEMS modeling and simulation expertise, this library includes all of the fundamental building blocks (rigid and flexible plates, beam-like suspensions, electrostatic comb drives, electrodes, etc) for assembling complex electro-mechanical sensors and actuators.

Scene3D view of a dual mass gyro design entered in Saber Sketch using the Coventor MEMS component library

Transient simulation of a dual-mass gyroscope, showing input rotation about y, sense capacitance “delta cap”, and displacement of one mass in “x” and “z”

Materials Database and Process Editors

MEMS design often goes hand-in-hand with process development. Architect3D is fully process aware, providing sharing its materials database and process editor with CoventorWare.


The MEMS component library allows simulation of complex 3D motion that cannot be easily appreciated or analyzed by viewing 2D graphs of waveforms. Scene3D provides 3D visualization and animation of simulation results.

Scene3D animation of a transient simulation of a dual-mass gyroscope. For clarity, the fixed electrodes and comb drives are not included, the thickness is scaled by 2, and the z-displacement is scaled by 100,000.

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