CoventorMP Overview

CoventorMP combines the complementary strengths of Coventor’s industry-leading software tools for MEMS design, CoventorWare® and MEMS, into a single powerful environment for MEMS design automation. The new platform provides a cohesive environment where designs can be entered once and used to create conventional finite element models (CoventorWare) and compact finite element models (MEMS+).

The CoventorMP platform provides a unified environment for MEMS design, starting from fully parametric design entry to the production of functional models that can be simulated at all levels of abstraction. In essence, design data in CoventorMP will serve as a single “golden master” for all types of modeling, eliminating the need for time consuming and error-prone manual transfer between different modeling environments. MEMS device models created in CoventorMP can be simulated with built-in solvers or automatically transferred into MATLAB, the Simulink system modeling environment, the Cadence Virtuoso circuit modeling environment, and SPICE simulators that support Verilog-A.

Software Features

  • Designs can be entered once, and used in both MEMS+ and CoventorWare. Finite element modeling in CoventorWare and high speed design variation studies in MEMS+ can both be completed using a single layout file.
  • CoventorMP supports automated export from MEMS+ to CoventorWare field solvers for design verification, with one-click transfer of MEMS device models between MEMS+ and CoventorWare design software.
  • Automated design variation studies can also be completed with scripts written in the MATLAB or Python scripting languages. Designers can create parametric models for CoventorWare from GDS layout.

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