Process-Driven Design Entry

MEMS are built with a wide array of fabrication processes. The fabrication process, together with 2D layout, both defines and constrains the device design. So it’s natural that a MEMS design entry tool should mimic that flow:

CoventorWare DESIGNER builds 3D models from 2D layout and a description of the fabrication process

Our customers tell us that DESIGNER® provides the most intuitive, fastest way to generate 3D models of their MEMS designs. But DESIGNER offers a lot more than just 3D model generation; it includes a full-featured layout editor, 2D and 3D import/export capabilities, and provides a platform for foundry design kits. DESIGNER is tightly integrated with CoventorWare’s considerable simulation capabilities, but can also be used as a stand-alone front end to 3rd-party FEA tools.

MEMS microphone model built in DESIGNER, with one quarter cut away

HYMITE package model built in DESIGNER

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