The leading CoventorWare MEMS design solution just got better

  • Increased simulation capacity and accuracy with full 64-bit computing
  • Greater efficiency with new hex-dominant extrude meshing
  • Easier to use console integrates all CoventorWare® functionality
  • More automation with Python scripting and enhanced 3D field solvers

The latest release of the production-proven CoventorWare software uses the power of increased computing performance and advanced software algorithms to enable more complete and accurate verification of state-of-the-art MEMS designs. Recognized as the industry standard in MEMS design for more than a decade, the new 2012 version once again raises the bar for 3D simulation accuracy, capacity and speed.

With the complete range of modeling capabilities required for next-generation MEMS devices and the throughput to handle the largest, most complex designs, you can confidently replace build-and-test cycles with simulation to dramatically speed up development of your MEMS devices.

Close-up of MEMS accelerometer 3D simulation with a hex-dominant mesh generated using new CoventorWare 2012 software.

Simulate Complex Designs More Accurately

Full 64-bit support for solving big meshes:

  • Implemented across entire Coventor software suite, including the Layout Editor, Solid Model Builder, Preprocessor (including meshers), Visualizer and all MEMS solvers
  • Single installation for both 32- and 64-bit operating systems and automatically runs in 64-bit mode on 64-bit operating systems

Hex-dominant extruded meshing capability for more efficient, higher quality meshes:

  • Automatically generates meshes with uniform density and quality that is ideal for typical MEMS structures composed of thin, stacked layers of materials perforated with etch holes
  • Reduces mesh density by as much as 20 to 40 percent, enabling simulation of entire multi-axis inertial MEMS sensors with 100s of electrostatic comb fingers

Automate Simulation Management Functions

Python scripting eliminates need to create scripts from scratch:

  • Automatically generate Python scripts for commonly used MEMS solvers
  • Perform more sophisticated multi-dimensional parametric studies
  • Combine scripts to automate sequence of analyses and post-processing tasks
  • Full access to the extensive numerical computation and plotting capabilities of the Python language

New CoventorWare console improves productivity:

  • Unified cockpit for accessing all CoventorWare Designer and MEMS Analyzer functionality
  • Create and manage simulations in a single window with intuitive toolbar, click-and-run menus
  • Compatibility with classic user interface eases migration for existing users
  • Simplifies set-up for CoventorWare 2012 versions of MemElectro, MemMech, CoSolveEM, HarmonicEM and DampingMM solvers

Enhanced suite of 3D field solvers:

  • MemMech harmonic analysis includes a new “general contact” option
  • ‘One-stop’ set-up for CoSolveEM and HarmonicEM solvers with access to MemElectro, MemMech and CoSolveEM/HarmonicEM settings as well as all possible BCs
  • HarmonicEM solver outputs current vs. frequency results

Learn more about CoventorWare

If you are involved in MEMS development, you’ll want see for yourself the benefits that successful MEMS suppliers are experiencing with our CoventorWare software. If you are not already a customer, email us at to arrange for a demonstration.

If you are an existing CoventorWare customer and want to know more about the new 2012 release, please contact your local CoventorWare sales or support representative

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