Other Physics

Many commercially successful MEMS devices rely on other physics besides capacitive effects for sensing and actuation. Piezo-electric effects are exploited in energy harvesting devices and high-frequency resonators. And piezo-resistive effects are commonly used in absolute pressure sensors as well as specialty accelerometers. There are also MEMS actuators that rely on electro-thermo-mechanical effects (Joule heating) as the main motive force. The field solvers in CoventorWare can accurately and efficiently simulate all of these effects in real-world designs.

CoventorWare offers highly accurate and efficient modal harmonic simulations of bulk-mode piezo resonators, shown here to provide better resolution at resonant peaks than direct harmonic simulations.

CoventorWare supports a unique, accurate and efficient methodology for simulating piezo-resistive (PZR) pressure sensors, exploiting weak coupling between the mechanical response of the sensor and electrical response of the PZR material.

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