What’s New in CoventorWare® 2014

The CoventorWare 2014 release delivers new levels of performance, accuracy and automation to address increasingly sophisticated and complex MEMS design challenges. The latest version of this widely used tool suite delivers enhanced features and benefits for designing a new generation of MEMS devices – accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones, and micro-mirrors, piezo-mechanical resonators, and micro-actuators – to reduce overall development costs and time. Among the highlights are…

Faster simulations

  • MemElectro electrostatics solver has been optimized for multi-core systems, giving up to 5X speedup on large test cases
  • Completely new CoSolveEM implementation with new “accelerated coupling” algorithm is up to 3X faster
  • Faster modal harmonic analysis for piezo (PZE) resonators (more than 10X speedup)

Enhanced usability

  • Simplified user interface for all coupled electromechanics
  • Solver progress is reported on the Job Queue tab
  • New scripting interface for mesh and material transforms enables automation of sensitivity studies of design and manufacturing variables

The improvement in the electrostatics solver performance on three different test cases is shown below:



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