Joint Training with Foundries

Training courses are jointly prepared and conducted by Coventor and one of its MEMS foundry partners. These courses provide an overview of selected foundry-specific MEMS processes (for example, MUMPS® or imec SiGe), highlighting their strengths with respect to various potential applications. An overview of the design kits is presented, and design methodologies are illustrated using hands-on tutorial exercises in MEMS+® and CoventorWare®.

Courses also introduce participants to virtual fabrication in SEMulator3D®. The design and technology related components of the course converge when the attendees run a design rule check (DRC) in SEMulator3D.

What are the objectives

  • Get introduced to a specific MEMS technology,
  • Get hands-on experience with MEMS+ or/and CoventorWare,
  • Learn the design rules for a specific MEMS technology, and
  • Get hands-on experience in virtual fabrication with SEMulator3D.

Who should attend:

The courses are aimed at graduate students, researchers and design engineers who are planning to use Coventor tools for MEMS design and virtual fabrication. Both experienced and inexperienced designers from academia and industry are welcome to join. Some basic knowledge of MEMS, semiconductor fabrication techniques, system modeling and finite elements is helpful, but essential.

More Information – Schedule and Locations

The duration of these training courses varies from 2 to 4 days, depending on the course chosen. Classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

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