Foundry Program

The MEMS ecosystem is evolving. Standardized process modules and process design kits (PDKs) are emerging to further streamline the MEMS development approach. We expect the MEMS industry to finally break the one product, one process model. This will result in a more pronounced shift to a fabless model that has proven so successful in the IC industry, and is beginning to emerge in MEMS. For these reasons Coventor works closely with the leading MEMS foundries to build and deliver comprehensive process design kits and reference design flows.

Parameterized MEMS+ resonator model created with imec SiGe MEMS PDK

Our Vision
Many man-years of MEMS development is traditionally captured on paper in the form of multiple internal documentations or design handbooks and especially in the human minds of several MEMS engineers working on design or process development. Coventor is transforming the existing manufacturing know-how, such as process dependent geometries, material data, design rules etc, into Coventor’s design platforms, to enable designers to fully exploit existing technology, or to transfer the know-how to other development groups.

Coventor’s goal is to reduce the MEMS inherent manufacturing complexity to a ready-to-use design tool that overcomes the hurdle of multiple prototyping cycles, and shortens the overall MEMS development cycle.

Result of a real manufacturing run at X-FAB in comparison with virtual fabrication obtained by SEMulator3D.

PDK content
Coventor’s Process Design Kits contain the essence of material and process information. For instance, the kit contains parameters such as layer thickness, Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio, and stress gradient that have been well defined within the tolerances of the specific manufacturing process. The kit automatically sets these constraints for the designer allowing other design parameters to be varied during the evaluation of designs and allowing only those designs that are compatible with the manufacturing process.

Coventor and its foundry partners have developed and verified MEMS PDKs to help MEMS design groups to jump start the MEMS design process.

A library of PDKs is a fundamental part of our complete, fully integrated and process-centric MEMS design flow. PDKs are available for a large number of MEMS processes for MEMS+, CoventorWare, and Semulator3D.

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