University Program

At Coventor, we strongly believe in supporting the needs of the academic community. We believe that the MEMS community is greatly enhanced by engineers who learn, early in their career, to accurately simulate their MEMS concepts and designs before sending them off for fabrication and testing. To advance this goal, Coventor offers special packages for university research and classroom teaching.

With more than 2,000 licenses at 200 educational institutions around the world, our University Program is one of the largest and fastest growing in the MEMS ecosystem. This program enables faculty and students to learn, and conduct non-commercial research using the full, commercial versions of our software at a fraction of the commercial price.

Device design courtesy of imec and Katholieke Univ.(Leuven) L. Wen, K. Wouters, L. Haspeslagh, A. Witvrouw, R. Puers

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