Cookies Policy

Coventor’s website (this “Site”) sets cookies on users’ computers to enable or enhance certain functions or improve the navigation experience for the user. Besides such functional and session cookies, analytics cookies are set by third-party tools in order to monitor the quality of the user’s experience while visiting the Site.

The following cookies are used on the Site:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies are essential for the Site to function.

Analytics/Performance Cookies: these cookies are used by us or third-party service providers to follow visitors over time and improve Site performance. These cookies include, for example, Google Analytics cookies and HubSpot cookies, which are used for the purpose of web analytics.

wordpress_logged_inWhen the browsing session endsStrictly Necessary
_ga2 yearsPerformance
_gid24 hoursPerformance
_gat1 minutePerformance
_gac_UA_7141891_290 daysAnalytics
__utma2 years from set/updatePerformance
__utmt10 minutesPerformance
__utmb30 mins from set/updatePerformance
__utmcEnd of browser sessionPerformance
__utmz6 months from set/updatePerformance
__utmv2 years from set/updatePerformance
__hs_opt_out2 yearsStrictly Necessary
__hs_do_not_track2 yearsStrictly Necessary
__hstc2 yearsPerformance
hubspotutk10 yearsPerformance
__hssc30 minPerformance
__hssrcNone. Session cookiePerformance

If you do not wish to have cookies set on your computer while you use the Site, you need to alter your browser privacy settings. For information on how to do so, please see the self-help resources made available through your browser application. However, please be aware that not all functions of the Site may work properly if you block or delete cookies.

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