A feature does not work even though it is present in the license file.

It maybe possible that a feature does not work even though it is included in the license file. For example, let us consider a feature in CoventorWare license file. Open up you CoventorWare -mcosmld.log file from \Coventor\ CoventorWare2008 \licensing\log directory on the license server computer and make sure that the feature is present in the list of features read by the server. If the feature is missing, it is possible that you are using an old license file. Install the license file that has the desired feature using License Installer.

If the feature is present in the mcosmld.log file, then it is possible a firewall is preventing it from running on your machine. To debug this issue, set the following environment variable:

Variable Name Variable Value

Where port@host is the information shown in the Coventor License field in the Tools->User Settings window. Open up a command prompt and browse to \Coventor\CoventorWare2008\bin\NT40 and execute the command:

LicenseCheckoutTests.exe >lic.txt 2>&1

This will generate a file called lic.txt in the directory \Coventor\CoventorWare2008\bin\NT40. This text file will list the features that your machine can be checked out from the license server.

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