Architect License Problem due to incorrect port numbers

In the Function Manager, click on Tools-> User Settings to open the User Settings window. Check the port@host information for the Saber License. For example, in the figure below 54009 is the port and lt1-skedar is the host.

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Go to Start->All Programs->Coventor->CoventorWare2008-> License Manager. In the Service/License File tab, select Configuration using Services. Select CoventorWare Architect License Service and go to the Config Services tab

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Click View Log and look for the lmgrd tcp-port. The number besides “lmgrd tcp-port” is the port number. For example in the Saber licensing log file below, you have “lmgrd tcp-port 27009” . Here then, the port number is 27009. (Please make sure you run this test on server i.e. the machine for which license was issued.)

Click Close Log to close the log window.
Open your Saber (Architect) license file and change the port to 54009 as shown in the figure below:

Save the license file and install the CoventorWare license using License Installer.

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