Borrowing licenses from the server

Please make sure that your license file supports borrowing. To do this, open the license file in a text editor and search for the keyword Borrowable. If you have Borrowable=”true”, it means you can borrow features from the license server. If you do not have borrowing enabled, please contact Coventor Technical Support to request a license file with borrow feature enabled. Please note, license borrowing  is supported in  CoventorWare Designer and Analyzer, SEMulator3D, MEMulator and Etch3D. Architect currently does not support borrowing.

To use license borrowing, follow the 3 steps below:

1) Set the environment variable MTI_SPECIAL=licenseBorrow. To do this, close the software and go to Control Panel ->System-> Advanced ->Environment Variables. In the window that opens up, click on New and enter the Variable Name and Variable Value as shown below:
Variable Name                     Variable Value

MTI_SPECIAL                        licenseBorrow

2) Run Start->Coventor->CoventorWare2008->License Manager and click on the last tab named Borrowing.

click to view larger

Enter the required information in that tab, before running CoventorWare to check out the necessary features.  Before disconnecting from the network, you must “checkout” those features you wish to borrow once you have disconnected from the license server . For example, if you want to borrow a license to run CoSolve  you must run a CoSolve simulation whilst still connected to the license server to initiate the borrowing. Remember to also run the PreProcessor and PostProcessor etc if you expect to run these modules in a borrowed state.

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