License problems related to firewalls

A firewall on your network can cause license problems. This problem is only encountered when the client (the computer on which you are running Coventor software) is trying to access a license from the server across a network. The client machine must be able to access two different ports on the license server machine. The first port is the port at which the daemon lmgrd runs (typically 54000 for CoventorWare) and the second port is the port at which vendor daemon runs. You can check the ports that are being used in the licensing log file. For example, the figure below shows CoventorWare-mcosmld.log file with the port numbers for CoventorWare.

The vendor daemon port is a default port and its number will change each time license server is restarted. To specify a fixed port for vendor daemon, add

port= User Specified Port Number

at the end of VENDOR line in the license file. For example, the figure below shows CoventorWare license file with 54001 as the port for vendor daemon.

After making this change, stop and restart the license and re configure your network firewall to open these two ports to the client computers that need to access them. Your network administrator will be able to do this for you.

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