Understanding CoventorWare license files

Understanding the CoventorWare license files

This section explains the different features in license file

  • A typical license file will have a few lines beginning with #. Any line beginning with # is commented and will not be read by the License Installer
  • Scroll down till you reach the first uncommented line. Figure below shows the screenshot of this section of the license

  • In this case lt1-skedar is the host-name i.e. name of the computer for which license was issued, 000D56A8B1F3 is the hostid i.e. the MAC address. 54000 is the port number. You can edit the host name and port number, but not the host id. If you edit the hostid, your license file will not work.
  • The lines following the server line determine the features your have, start date and end dates for license file, codes etc.
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