MEMS Solutions

Micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) are fabricated with techniques similar to integrated circuits (ICs) and therefore leverage existing semiconductor industry infrastructure and economies of scale. These tiny sensors and actuators have enabled new functionality in smart phones, tablets and cars, and are critical to the Internet of Things (IoT). MEMS, however, present specialized engineering challenges, including non-standard fabrication processes, multi-physics interactions, integration with ICs, and custom packaging requirements. Off-the -shelf EDA tools and general purpose mechanical CAD/CAE tools do not adequately address these challenges, so MEMS developers have traditionally relied heavily on the time-consuming and costly build-and-test approach. Without a MEMS-specific design platform, it often takes years to bring a MEMS product to market.

Product Information

A Unique, Predictive
Platform for MEMS

Coventor offers a unique and powerful platform for MEMS design, simulation, verification and process modeling. Our platform addresses MEMS-specific engineering challenges such as multi-physics interactions, process variations, MEMS+IC integration, and MEMS+package interaction. Using our platform, engineers are able to model and simulate device behavior and interactions before committing to actual fabrication. Our tools are used to develop a wide range of MEMS devices, from motion sensors to microphones to optical displays. In addition to the platform itself, our outstanding support organization brings years of expertise in modeling and simulating  MEMS to each customer engagement. Leading MEMS R&D organizations around the world have been experiencing the benefits of our MEMS design and simulation platform for well over a decade. In a few hours or days, they can model or simulate effects that would have taken months of building and testing in the fab.

Serving the Fast-Growing
MEMS Industry

The uses of micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) span a wide range of applications and markets. Starting from early applications for pressure sensing, commercially successful MEMS now include motion sensors, microphones, digital projection systems, scanning mirrors, quartz-clock replacements, RF components, energy harvesting and many more types of devices. MEMS have become ubiquitous in the consumer electronics, automotive, sports equipment, health care, industrial and aerospace market segments. Whatever the application or market, MEMS are winning because of smaller size, reduced power consumption, higher sensitivity, higher accuracy or lower cost. CoventorMP is the industry-leading MEMS design platform used by major MEMS companies worldwide. It helps these companies address MEMS-specific design challenges such as multi-physics interactions, process variation, and package and circuit integration issues.