CoventorMP™ 1.1

March 30, 2018

CoventorMP 1.1 is a major update to the CoventorMP 1.0 release which was the first to include both MEMS+ and CoventorWare in a single installation. The 1.1 release includes a multitude of new features and capabilities that increase the value of the CoventorMP platform to both MEMS+ and CoventorWare users. The enhancements ease design entry for all users, improve modeling accuracy, and provide new, advanced analysis capabilities such as non-linear AC, electrostatic pull-in and noise analysis. These new analyses are built into the MEMS+ Simulator, opening new possibilities for MEMS designers who do not have access to the MathWorks or Cadence simulation environments. More information on all enhancements is provided below. Two new beta-quality features are also available to users, pointing the way to future enhancements.

Detailed Release Highlights >>

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