MEMS+ Overview

MEMS+® is a software platform for engineers who design MEMS devices and integrate MEMS devices with CMOS circuits and packaging. It is ideal for designing and optimizing MEMS-based components such as motion sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), microphones, micro-mirrors, micro-switches, timing devices and energy harvesters. Watch these videos to learn more:

MEMS+ users assemble advanced finite elements, or fundamental MEMS-specific building blocks, into a completed design. These MEMS+ designs provide simulation results up to 100 times faster than conventional finite element analysis tools. The dramatic improvement in simulation time makes it feasible to analyze complex multiphysics behavior and improve the performance and reliability of product designs. MEMS+ designs can be directly included in MathWorks system models and Cadence circuit designs.

Key Benefits of MEMS+

  • Design up to 100X faster than possible using conventional finite element analysis tools.
  • Study complex design and manufacturing issues not practical with conventional design software.
  • Quickly analyze combined MEMS and IC designs in the MathWorks and Cadence design environments without the effort of crafting custom models.
  • Accurately model the behavior of designs without the time and expense of device fabrication and testing.

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