MEMS+IC Simulation in Cadence Virtuoso

MEMS+ for Cadence lets you create MEMS device models that can be directly simulated with the IC that you are designing. MEMS+-created models run in the Cadence Spectre and SpectreRF simulators.

mems simulation

MEMS+ Innovator designs are assemblies of MEMS building blocks from our MEMS Model Library. Cadence models can be generated almost instantaneously by automatically assigning each used building block to the corresponding behavioral model. Simply by selecting an Innovator schematic, the MEMS+ import GUI in the Cadence Library Manager generates a schematic symbol and a model view. The material, process or geometrical variables set as “exposed” in the Innovator schematic are preserved in the created Cadence views:

mems device

Furthermore, the MEMS modeling environment gives the user full control over the number and names of the symbol pins created during the MEMS+ model import. MEMS+ for Cadence supports not only electrical pins, but also pins representing positions, angles, forces, torques, pressure loads, accelerations, angular rates, as well as capacitance and resistance outputs.

Once the 3-D model is created in MEMS+, it is ready for simulation. MEMS+ automatically creates the symbol for the schematic circuit design, including the assignment of electrical and mechanical pins. The models can be parameterized for materials, process and geometry, which means you never have to recreate the model in case of changes or for a vary analysis.

The high order finite elements in MEMS+ have been extensively tested and validated and cover a variety of MEMS physics, such as electrostatics, mechanics, piezo-electric and contact modeling.


Quickly change design
Quick simulation runtimes
Run a transient simulation
Simulate device with surrounding sub-system components
Simulate without FEM
Test many different design ideas quickly
Create a more complete simulation of device performance
Look at the transient behavior of device, difficult with FEM
Understand behavior of MEMS device and sub-system
Generate results quickly and easily; FEM expertise not required

MEMS+ for Cadence is ideally suited for analog and digital circuit designs. The image below features a MEMS+ created schematic symbol of an accelerometer and its surrounding sigma-delta control circuit made with components from the Cadence standard library. Simulating the transient-response of the complete system didn’t take more than 10 seconds on a standard PC.

mems+ for cadence

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