MEMS+®for System Design in MATLAB and Simulink – from concept to system simulation

MATLAB and Simulink from Mathworks are well known across all engineering disciplines as powerful numerical tools for engineering innovation. The tools allow engineers to define systems specific to their domains and then rapidly attain solutions.

With the latest version of MEMS+ designers can now import the parameterized model created in the MEMS+ design platform directly into MATLAB or Simulink. MEMS+ involves neither programming by the user of device physics (such as mechanical equations or capacitance extraction) nor finite element analysis, just the creation of the 3-D design in MEMS+ Innovator using the tool’s intuitive 3-D graphical interface.

MEMS+ for MATLAB allows MEMS engineers to simulate their MEMS design in the familiar MATLAB and/or Simulink environment and hand off automatically generated high order finite elements to their counterparts in system architecture and IC design. With MEMS+ Scene3D, all simulation results obtained with MATLAB or Simulink can be visualized as fully contoured three-dimensional animations.

Description of MEMS+ for MATLAB-Simulink
MEMS+ is a design solution for fast MEMS simulation at the device or system level. With MEMS+ for MATLAB and Simulink, designs created in MEMS+ Innovator are immediately available as Simulink or MATLAB compatible models. MEMS+ supports signal-flow (Simulink) and MATLAB script-driven design of the MEMS device and its surrounding signal processing or control circuits. MEMS+ for MATLAB and Simulink expands the available analysis capabilities from pure transient simulations to DC, DC transfer, Modal and AC analysis. MATLAB or Simulink simulation results can be loaded back into the MEMS+ Scene3D module for 3-D viewing.


Features of MEMS+ for MATLAB and Simulink

  • MEMS+ GUI in Simulink for automatic parametric model creation
  • User defined number of symbol pins and parameters
  • Fast system simulations
  • Accurate multi-physics modeling
  • Supports DC, DC Transfer, modal, AC and transient simulations
  • MATLAB scripting interface for model import, manipulation and simulation directly from the MATLAB command line interface


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