MEMS+ Device Simulation in MATLAB

MEMS+ for MATLAB allows the MEMS designer to narrow down quickly on the optimal MEMS device geometry without wasting precious time on mesh studies and parameter extraction from FEA tools. MEMS+ in MATLAB frees the MEMS designers from implementing device physics such as mechanical response or capacitive force just to understand the impact of design dimension change.

The figure below shows the small-signal frequency response of an electrostatically driven ring gyroscope through the MATLAB interpreter as an example:

mems device

MEMS+ for MATLAB provides the MEMS designers with a command line interface to Coventor’s powerful MEMS+ model library. Using MATLAB’s scripting language, designers can explore the design space for far more than idealized geometries and physics:

What if the flexing structure has sidewall angles? Or is composed of multiple layers of different materials? Or is not a single straight beam, but composed of multiple serpentine sections? What if it is the electrostatic force has a strong fringing field component?

MEMS+ for MATLAB is the ideal companion for rapid MEMS device design. Once the 3-D model is created in MEMS+ Innovator, it is ready for simulation in MATLAB. MEMS+ for MATLAB provide a variety of MATLAB scripts that allow model import, manipulation and simulation directly from the MATLAB command line interface. The scripts provided by MEMS+ support DC, DC transfer, Modal, AC and transient simulations without requiring any additional tool-box besides the base MATLAB licenses. All MATLAB simulation results can be loaded back into MEMS+ Scene3D module for 2-D and 3-D viewing.


Features of MEMS+ MATLAB

  • MATLAB command line scripts for MEMS+ design import
  • MATLAB command line simulation scripts for fast DC, DC transfer, Modal, AC analysis from the MATLAB command line
  • Accurate multi-physics modeling


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