Driverless Vehicle Makers, Carriers, Drone-Defense Creators Look to MEMS & Sensors Industry for Advanced Sensing and Actuation

By Chip Design

MEMS & Sensors Industry Group (MSIG)’s MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress™ — held November 9-11 in Scottsdale, AZ — gave innovative developers of driverless vehicles and drone-defense makers — as well as one of the world’s top carriers — a ready audience of industry execs as they shared their wants for new MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS)/sensors for future products.

Phillip M. Rayer II, general manager, Local Motors, described how his company uses “co-creation” — involving as many as 50,000 developers — to design driverless electric vehicles for target communities. Local Motors uses 3D printing to manufacture the vehicles in months rather than years.

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