IMEC Technology Forum at SEMICON – Coventor could save you billions!

semiwiki-logoBy Scotten Jones

The development of leading edge semiconductor technology is incredibly expensive, with estimates ranging from a few to several billion dollars for new nodes. The time to develop a leading edge process is also a critical competitive issue with some of the largest opportunities awarded based on who is first to yield on a new node.

Being late to market can cost a semiconductor company billions of dollars in lost opportunities! Coventor produces SEMulator3D, a modeling platform that enables development engineers to simulate process flows in full 3D to test and refine them before running wafers, reducing development costs and speeding up time to market. David Fried is the CTO of Coventor and he presented at the IMEC Technology Forum (ITF) on Monday before SEMICON. I was at David’s presentation and I also had the opportunity to interview him on Wednesday during the show.

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