MEMS and ASIC Design: How the Gap Can Narrow

By Anne Fisher

As the MEMS ecosystem matures, what role will foundries play in its success?

The occasion of the 2016 MEMS Executive Congress made for a good opportunity to meet with Dr. Stephen R. Breit, VP Engineering at Coventor, a MEMS design automation firm. Breit prefaced our interview by noting his company’s concern with, and work toward, overcoming the ASIC design/MEMS design divide. “We were ahead of the industry in that we have been focused for years on bridging that gap,” Breit told EECatalog, “but the industry is now catching up with us and realizing that gap exists.” Breit also spoke about foundries’ motivations vis-à-vis MEMS, the elements found in a successful design kit, and which decisions support More than Moore—among other topics. Edited excerpts of the interview follow.


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