Vanessa Knivett investigates smart tools for smart systems

News Release from: Electronic Specifier
07 November 2012

The term ‘smart system’ is well used, but what exactly does it mean? There are many definitions but the one that fits best for the purposes of this discussion is that provided by the European Commission’s CORDIS programme: “Smart systems typically are sensors and/or actuators with an ability to process data, diagnose complex situations, communicate with each other and be autonomous in energy use.”

Vanessa Knivett investigates smart tools for smart systemsNo single technology plays the key role in a smart system’s functionality; it is, indeed, systemic — a ‘system’ in its purest form, with sensing, computation, communication and power all realised in a single tiny package. A smart system also represents a mixture of mechanical and electronic functions, making the job of the designer trying to predict its behaviour a complex one.

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