What Can Accelerate 3D Semiconductor Manufacturing?

by Pawan Fangaria
Published on 10-12-2013 07:30 AM

In the beginning of this decade there was a lot of buzz around 3D chip manufacturing. Many EDA tools were developed to facilitate semiconductor designs in 3D space. Naturally, we are moving to the edge on 2D without much room to further squeeze transistors and interconnect. However, lately I haven’t heard much about 3D products. What happened? All I could guess is that there must be manufacturing difficulties, yield and ramp-up issues and the like. Then, last week I got to hear from IHS iSuppli that NAND Flash memories are moving into 3D manufacturing. That was interesting news, so I looked further into one of the latest articles on iSuppli website written by Dee Robinson, here. It’s understandable because NAND Flash memory is the fastest in reaching that limit of finer geometry in 2D production, however I was disappointed after learning that 3D NAND Flash will take four years from now to reach about 65% (by 2017) of total NAND Flash share. Why should it take so long?

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