Coventor and Process Relations Collaborate to Streamline Fabrication Process Development

Interface between SEMulator3D and XperiDesk tools combines proven virtual manufacturing emulation capabilities with real production data to improve accuracy and efficiency in next-generation process development

CARY, North Carolina and DORTMUND, Germany – September 29, 2010 – Coventor, Inc. (, the leading supplier of software for developing micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and Process Relations, a provider of enterprise information management systems for high tech process development, announced today a collaboration to develop and market integrated solutions to improve the efficiency of developing next generation fabrication processes for semiconductor and MEMS manufacturers. As part of the cooperation, the companies have developed an interface between the Process Development Execution System XperiDeskTM information management system from Process Relations and Coventor’s 3D emulation software SEMulator3DTM.

The integration builds on the work the two companies have done within the European FP7-funded CORONA project, a multi-company initiative to improve the efficiency of the value chain in micro- and nanotechnologies.

With the XperiDesk-SEMulator3D interface process and design engineers can now manage process data, check process flows for consistency, emulate processes and manage real production information all from within the same environment. Combining process modeling together with real life data improves the efficiency with which new processes are developed. By using data from actual physical process parameters contained in XperiDesk to invoke a SEMulator3D emulation, users can save time and enhance the accuracy of the process they are modeling. This is particularly useful in communication within the fab and with customers in the initial stages of design projects so errors can be caught early and unsuccessful experiments prevented. The integrated solution can be used to model any MEMS or semiconductor process, shortening design cycles and improving the overall quality of development projects.

“Semiconductor based fabrication processes are becoming increasingly complex. The unique process emulation capabilities of SEMulator3D enable fast, accurate 3D modeling of semiconductor and MEMS process,” said Ken Greiner, Product Manager for SEMulator3D. “Virtual fabrication with SEMulator3D can solve manufacturing problems early, improving time-to-market and reducing costs. The integration of SEMulator3D with Process Relations XperiDesk creates a powerful solution for engineering collaboration.”

Dirk Ortloff, CTO and Co-founder of Process Relations, added, “Having a single interface to perform process design, verification, simulation and experimentation provides process and device design engineers with a common collaboration platform. Layered models allow developers to seamlessly convert process engineer nomenclature into device engineer nomenclature. The advanced emulation capabilities of Semulator3D combined with the abstractions in XperiDesk allow all engineers to use virtual manufacturing techniques without intimate knowledge of the emulation tools. ”

About Coventor

Coventor, Inc. is a market leader in modeling solutions for micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and semiconductors. Its software tool suite and expertise in process modeling and MEMS design address the challenges of integrating these devices into the growing number of products – from smart phones to gaming systems to automobiles – that are adopting MEMS-enabled capabilities. Coventor’s solutions specifically offer designers of mixed-signal ICs, ASICs and SOCs a way to efficiently integrate MEMS into their design methodology without having to be experts in mechanical design. Its MEMS+™ design platform works seamlessly with popular electronic design automation (EDA) flows and tools, reducing the complexity and risk of adopting MEMS. The company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina and has offices in San Mateo, Calif[DO1] ., Cambridge, Mass, and Paris. More information is available at

About Process Relations

Founded in 2007, Process Relations is a software company based in Dortmund, Germany. Its first to market XperiDesk product is a comprehensive solution for the efficient management of high tech process development. It provides process developers with the ability to very effectively utilize all previously accumulated information and knowledge as well as all existing test and production data to make every aspect of process development faster and more cost effective. Process Relations also offers consulting services for companies undertaking high-tech developments, providing software support in the areas of process development and product engineering. More information is available at:


XperiDesk is a registered trademark of Process Relations GmbH. SEMulator3D and MEMS+ are trademarks of Coventor, Inc.

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