NMC 2013 – The 10th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing – Stanford, California May 1-3, 2013

The 10th International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing (NMC 2013) is focused on interdisciplinary research on and with nanoscale sensors.

NMC started in 2004 as the “nano mechanical cantilever” meeting but has grown along with innovations in nanomechanics and probing at the nanoscale. NMC focuses on new developments, investigations, applications of cantilever-based sensors, cantilever systems engineering and the mission has expanded to all modes of nanomechanical sensing to include applications such as chemical sensing, biosensing, scanning probes and metrologies, optomechanics, nanomechanics, resonant sensing, and the associated modeling and experiments, etc.

NMC brings together companies and academia to present their latest results in a lively and personal atmosphere. NMC2013 will provide a single session technical program with the latest research on nanosensing including renowned invited speakers, contributed oral and poster presentations, and excellent networking opportunities.

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