SISPAD 2013 – September 3-5, 2013 – Glasgow, Scotland

Coventor and IBM will jointly present a paper on the use of ‘virtual fabrication’ methodologies and technology to accelerate the development of and achieve optimal yields with IBM’s 22-nm process. The paper describes the use of Coventor’s SEMulator3D platform to dramatically decrease silicon learning cycles and lower overall development costs.

22nm Technology Yield Optimization Using Multivariate 3D Virtual Fabrication

Benjamin R. Cipriany (IBM), David M. Fried (Coventor), Basanth Jagannathan and Gregory Costrini (IBM), Ken Greiner (Coventor), Ahmed Nayaz Noemaun, Katsunori Onishi, Shreesh Narasimha, Bidan Zhang, Christopher D. Sheraw, and Jason E. Meiring (IBM), Daniel Faken (Coventor), Mahender Kumar, Karen A. Nummy, and Ning Zhan (IBM), Stephen R. Breit (Coventor), and James P. Norum, Stephen S. Furkay, Rajeev Malik, Paul D. Agnello, and Haraprasad Nanjundappa (IBM)

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