The CoventorMP platform provides a unified environment for MEMS design, starting from fully parametric design entry to the production of functional models that can be simulated at all levels of abstraction.

For over two decades, Coventor has supplied world-leading MEMS companies and R&D organizations with simulation tools that accurately predict the complex, multi-physics behavior of MEMS devices. Our on-going focus has resulted in MEMS-specific capabilities and simulation expertise that helps our customers significantly reduce time to market.

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Design, Optimize, Integrate

CoventorMP combines the complementary strengths of Coventor’s industry-leading software tools for MEMS design, CoventorWare and MEMS+, into a single powerful environment for MEMS design automation. The software platform is designed to facilitate detailed, highly accurate modeling when required while simultaneously permitting performance-improving compact or reduced-order modeling when applicable. In essence, designs entered in CoventorMP can serve as a single “golden master” for all types of modeling, eliminating the need for time consuming and error-prone manual transfer between different modeling environments.

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Parametric Design Entry

Capable of accommodating most layout-based or component-based design methodologies

Rapid Design & Integration

Construct highly efficient compact finite element models with MEMS+ using MEMS-specific building blocks

Detailed Device Analysis

Utilize a suite of field solvers in CoventorWare for modeling and simulating a wide range of MEMS devices

MEMS Process Design Kits (PDK)

Create “first time right” designs for a proven MEMS technology with Coventor’s MEMS PDK development services

A Complete Platform for MEMS Design Automation

MEMS+ and CoventorWare work seamlessly together in the CoventorMP framework. They provide a design platform that enables MEMS designers to simulate critical end-product performance specs such as sensitivity, linearity, frequency response, signal-to-noise ratio, temperature stability or actuation time. Both products are useful in all phases of a typical MEMS development program. These software tools are ideal for MEMS devices that employ mechanical, electrostatic, piezo-electric, piezo-resistive, or thermal effects for sensing or actuation.


Fast Coupled Physics, Integrate MEMS into System & CMOS Design Flow

MEMS+ provides an integrated environment for engineers who design MEMS devices and integrate MEMS with systems and circuits. It is ideal for designing and optimizing MEMS devices that depend on electrostatics for sensing and actuation. It also supports piezo-electric sensors and actuators.

  • Fully Parametric Design Entry
  • Fast Concept Exploration and Design Optimization
  • System-Level Modeling & Circuit Modeling


Design Details, Verify Compact Models, and Extract Lumped Parameters


CoventorWare is a suite of field solvers integrated with pre- and post-processing tools. The suite has many MEMS-specific features that make it the preferred choice over general-purpose finite element tools for simulating MEMS and other micro-fabricated devices.

  • Preprocessing and Meshing Optimized for MEMS
  • World-Class Coupled Electro-Mechanics
  • Special MEMS Physics Simulation

MEMS Process Design Kits (PDK)

A MEMS PDK can help MEMS foundry customers create “first time right” designs for a proven MEMS technology, saving development costs and reducing time to market for the foundry and its customers. Coventor is partnering with leading MEMS foundries to develop MPDKs. Coventor provides MPDK development services as well as applications support to help foundries leverage their proven MEMS technologies.

Learn how CoventorMP can help you address the challenges of MEMS Design and MEMS/IoT Integration. Check out our case studies.