Automatic Meshing

High Quality Meshing

MEMS devices have typical features such as thin layers, electrostatic comb drives, arrays of etch holes, and side-wall angles that pose significant challenges for general-purpose automatic mesh generation

Efficiently meshing such geometry is crucial for achieving accurate simulations with practical solution times. Coventor has spent years developing and refining its automatic generation algorithms for MEMS-specific device and package geometries. CoventorWare includes 5 automatic mesh generators, each with several algorithm variants:

  • Extruded bricks,
  • Manhattan bricks,
  • Mapped bricks,
  • Tetrahedrons, and
  • Surface triangles.

These mesh generators are integrated with CoventorWare’s Preprocessor, providing sensible automatic defaults while allowing users to specify the local refinements that lead to optimal meshes.

automatic mesh

DLP mirror with close-up view of torsion hinge showing locally refined mesh in that critical location

mapped meshing

Sensor pre-partitioned for convenient mapped meshing in CoventorWare