Process-Driven Design Entry

CoventorWare has many MEMS-specific features that make it easy to prepare efficient simulation models. 3D models can be built directly from layout or imported from other tools including MEMS+.

Software Evaluation

MEMS are built with a wide array of fabrication processes. The fabrication process and masks (2D layout) together define and constrain the device structure. So, it’s natural that MEMS design entry should mimic the actual flow. Our customers tell us that CoventorWare provides the most intuitive, fastest way to generate 3D models of their MEMS designs.

The CoventorWare front end includes:

  • A material properties database, pre-populated with commonly used MEMS materials,
  • A process editor for providing a geometric description of the fabrication process,
  • A full-featured, hierarchical layout editor with MEMS-specific features like support for true curves,
  • A preprocessor for viewing 3D models and preparing them for analysis,
  • 2D and 3D import/export to widely used formats like GDS2, DXF, SAT, IGES and STEP, and
  • Optional mesh generation and export to Ansys®

CoventorWare’s front-end design-entry capabilities are well integrated with the suite of field solvers, but can also be used as a stand-alone front end to 3rd-party FEA tools such as Ansys or COMSOL®

MEMS microphone model built in CoventorWare, with one quarter cut away
3D MEMS package model built in CoventorWare