MEMS+ provides an integrated environment for engineers who design MEMS devices and integrate MEMS with systems and circuits. It is ideal for designing and optimizing MEMS devices that depend on electrostatics for sensing and actuation. It also supports piezo-electric sensors and actuators.

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MEMS+ Product Overview

MEMS+ is a software platform for engineers who design MEMS devices and integrate MEMS devices with CMOS circuits and packaging.

It is ideal for designing and optimizing MEMS-based components such as motion sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), microphonesmicro-mirrorsmicro-switchestiming devices and energy harvesters.

MEMS+ users assemble advanced finite elements, or fundamental MEMS-specific building blocks, into a completed design. These MEMS+ designs provide simulation results up to 100 times faster than conventional finite element analysis tools. The dramatic improvement in simulation time makes it feasible to analyze complex multiphysics behavior and improve the performance and reliability of product designs. MEMS+ designs can be directly included in MathWorks® system models and Cadence® circuit designs.

Key Benefits

  • Design up to 100X faster than possible using conventional finite element analysis tools.
  • Study complex design and manufacturing issues not practical with conventional design software.
  • Quickly analyze combined MEMS and IC designs in the MathWorks and Cadence design environments without the effort of crafting custom models.
  • Accurately model the behavior of designs without the time and expense of device fabrication and testing.

Learn how MEMS+ can help you accelerate MEMS design exploration and optimizaition. Check out our case studies.

Software Capability Highlights

Rapid design exploration and optimization. Models are assembled from a library of parametric, high-order finite elements and can simulate up to 100X faster than conventional FEA.

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Design Entry

Design entry in MEMS+ starts with a parametric definition of the fabrication technology, including the process stack and material properties. MEMS+ includes an intuitive, 3D user interface that makes design entry easy and fast.

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MEMS Component Library

MEMS+ includes a library of parametric MEMS components, or building blocks, such as rigid shapes, flexible mechanical shapes, electrodes, and electrostatic combs.  Designers assemble selected components into fully-parametric MEMS device models that support rapid exploration of the design space.

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System Level Modeling - Integration with Matlab and Simulink

System-Level Modeling

Integration with the MathWorks environment makes it easy to automate simulations using MATLAB® scripts and include MEMS+ blocks in Simulink® system models. Designers can perform DC, AC and transient simulations of the multi-physics MEMS device alone or connected with drive and read-out signals. Additional capabilities include electrostatic pull-in and lift-off analysis, and non-linear frequency response.

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Circuit Modeling - Integration with Cadence

Circuit Modeling

Integration with Cadence Virtuoso® makes it easy to import accurate MEMS+ models and connect them with drive and read-out circuits. Designers can run DC, AC, transient and noise analyses to evaluate nominal behavior and corner cases. Also, MEMS+ designs can be exported as Cadence parametric layout cells (PCells) for use in full-die layout and physical verification.

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Results Visualization

MEMS+ Results Visualization forms an important bridge in communicating simulation results to the MEMS specialist. By turning simulation data into 3D animations, Results Visualization provide a designer with detailed feedback on MEMS device response when the device is subjected to electrical or mechanical stimulus.

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