Starting from input design data, SEMulator3D follows an integrated process flow description to create the virtual equivalent of the complex 3D structures created in the fab.

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Process Flows

Predict 3D Integrated Structure from Design and Process Data

Fast, Robust, Accurate

SEMulator3D’s process-predictive capabilities benefit all participants in the semiconductor supply chain, from techonology developers to fabless IP providers to equipment and process vendors.


Predictive Process Modeling

Predicts complex interactions between designs and integrated process flows. Identify process problems prior to fabrication.

Perform Variation Experiments

Efficiently develop process flows and perform automated virtual experiments not feasible in the actual fab

Flexible and Robust

Flexible for multiple use cases & applicable to any process and any layout, regardless of complexity or technology.

Valuable at Every Stage

Leverage virtual fabrication at every stage of technology development. Decrease costly, time-consuming silicon learning cycles

Learn how SEMulator3D can help you address the challenges of advanced semiconductor fabrication and reduce cycles of silicon learning. Check out our case studies.

Software Capability Highlights

SEMulator3D® is a powerful 3D semiconductor and MEMS process modeling platform that offers wide ranging technology development capabilities. Based on highly efficient physics-driven voxel modeling technology, SEMulator3D has a unique ability to model complete process flows.

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