Device Analysis

The Device Analysis feature, as part of the Electrical Analysis module, can extract electrical characteristics of a transistor (I-V through DC analysis, and C-V through small-signal AC analysis), and explore transistor process variability on device performance, all directly within SEMulator3D.



Providing Insights into How Process Integration Decisions Impact Transistor Device Performance

Designers can generate transistor IV curves and perform automatic device parameter extraction from those curves. Transistor performance can be measured across changes in patterning, lithography, etch, deposition and other process integration effects. The solver takes into account a variety of physical phenomena such as field-dependent recombination and band-to-band tunneling. Determine the impact of any process step on transistor behavioral measures, such as device threshold voltage, and perform statistical studies of performance across a range of process changes. This functionality is fully automated and integrated with SEMulator3D, and supports all types of process modeling.