Electrical Analysis

The Electrical Analysis module encompasses powerful resistance and capacitance extraction capabilities. It can calculate the resistance of conductor nets and capacitance of nets directly within SEMulator3D, providing a single platform for both 3D modeling and validation of electrical function.

Software Evaluation

RC Netlist Animation

Deepening the Understanding of Process and Design Sensitivities

Resistance and capacitance calculations are completed faster and more accurately in SEMulator3D than in standalone R/C solvers. The process-predictive and silicon accurate structures used in SEMulator3D more precisely reflect fabricated devices than the idealized geometry used in standalone solvers, leading to more accurate R/C calculations.  The SEMulator3D platform also provides faster results than alternative standalone solutions, due to the close integration between the 3D modeling and electrical analysis functions in the unified platform.

BEOL Interconnect R/C Extraction