Process Modeling

Based on highly efficient physics-driven voxel modeling technology, SEMulator3D has a unique ability to model complete process flows.

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Using unique physics-driven 3D modeling technology, the SEMulator3D modeling engine can model a wide variety of unit process steps. Each process step requires only a few geometric and physical input parameters that are easy to understand and calibrate. Just as in an actual fab, upstream unit process parameters (such as deposition conformality, etch anisotropy, selectivity, etc.) interact with each other and design data in a complex way to impact the final device structure.

SEMulator3D uses two fundamental types of proprietary modeling technology: Voxel Modeling and Surface Evolution.

The Basic Process Modeling package contains everything necessary to simulate and view complex CMOS process flows using the voxel modeling engine. Voxel Modeling is extremely efficient and ideal for modeling unit process steps that can be characterized geometrically; for example, lithography, spin-on deposition, and wet etches.

Surface Evolution is a more powerful modeling technique in the Advanced Modeling package, that’s ideal for steps like plasma etching and selective epitaxy. It provides accurate physics-driven process models for advanced technologies. With minimal input parameters that are easy to calibrate, process engineers can gain significant understanding of the behavior and variability of etch and epitaxy steps and their ramifcations in the context of the full technology fllow.

Both types of steps can be combined together in the same process flow for optimal accuracy and efficiency.

Some examples of the types of unit process steps that can be modeled with SEMulator3D

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Growth General
Wet Etching PECVD Epitaxy Lithography
Plasma Etching LPCVD Thermal Oxidation CMP
RIE HDPCVD Silicidation Implantation
DRIE ALD Electroplating Diffusion
High-Density Plasma Etching Sputtering Wafer Bonding
Sputter Etching Evaporation

SEMulator3D Advanced Modeling package is a powerful, predictive modeling tool to build process understanding, mitigate technology risk and eliminate cycles of learning in technology development.