SEMulator3D Viewer shows a 3D rendering of the virtual device model at every step in the process. Step-by-step visualization can aid in understanding process failure modes and other complex process phenomena. Cross-sectioning and dimensional measurements can be performed anywhere on the 3D model.


Visualize and Share 3D Models of Devices and Process Flows

SEMulator3D Viewer has many advanced capabilities, including automatic animation of process steps and automatic export to Microsoft PowerPoint. SEMulator3D Viewer can also publish 3D models to Coventor’s .sem3d format.

SEMulator3D Reader

The SEMulator3D Reader allows engineers to share 3D models of devices and process flows with colleagues and customers.  Unlike the use of static screenshots and PowerPoint presentations, users can interact directly with models published in the SEMulator3D visualization engine.

SEMulator3D models can be published to the SEMulator3D Reader archive file format, which provides custom viewing angles, comments for each process step, and several types of animation. Users can control the information stored in the archive file, so that specific details can be omitted for confidentiality purposes. The entire file can be encrypted and password protected using cryptographic-quality cipher encryption, to prevent unauthorized viewing. SEMulator3D Reader is available for immediate download.

Get SEMulator3D Reader today to view a .sem3d file that someone else has sent you, or to see how process modeling can help you.