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With state-of-the-art fabs requiring multi-billion investments and technology growing ever more complex, the time and cost of trial-and-error silicon engineering have become unacceptable. The concurrent penalty for missing a market window has become extreme. Predictive, 3D process modeling with Coventor’s semiconductor process modeling software is an alternative approach that can dramatically reduce silicon learning cycles, cut development costs, and reduce the risk of missing a market window. Unlike actual wafer runs which take weeks to months, virtual fabrication takes minutes to hours to produce results.

Product Information

A Platform for
Silicon Engineering

SEMulator3D is not specific to any technology node or type – it’s applicable to all scales of integrated semiconductor manufacturing, regardless of device type and processing complexity.


Process & Layout


SEMulator3D Advanced Modeling Engine


Virtual Fabrication

A Virtual Fabrication
Environment that
Replicates the Actual Fab

Starting from a virtual wafer substrate, SEMulator3D performs the same series of unit processes, including lithography with design-specific masks, to produce the virtual equivalent of the complex 3D structures created in the fab. Just as in an actual fab, upstream unit process parameters interact with each other and design data in a complex way to impact the final structure. The implications of process integration in terms of critical physical dimensions and other structural measurements can be easily visualized and quantified.


Valuable at Every
Stage of Technology

Innovation abounds in semiconductor manufacturing. From advanced technology nodes for logic and memory, to high-power analog, image sensors, advanced display technology and MEMS, each passing year brings more variety and new manufacturing challenges. And yet…most technology development is still done by trial-and-error silicon engineering – cycle after cycle of fabricating and measuring test wafers. The challenges of advanced fabrication technologies reach in many directions, from process integration to design and enablement, from documentation to failure analysis, and many others. The evolution of technology requires innovation and coordination across many functions within a semiconductor manufacturing organization , and with suppliers, partners and customers. Virtual fabrication with SEMulator3D can benefit many different participants in the semiconductor ecosystem and provides a platform for efficient communication among these disparate stake holders.

  • Process Exploration
  • Design Rule Validation
  • Process Margin Analysis
  • Device Design
  • Wafer Characterization
  • Yield Optimization
  • Defect Analysis
  • Documentation & Visualization

Ensuring a Smooth Transition
to “Process-Predictive”
Semiconductor Manufacturing

Coventor’s offering for semiconductor manufacturing encompasses much more than just software. The transition to software-assisted silicon engineering is a paradigm shift for most process engineering organizations. Coventor’s full solution includes training and expert consulting on predictive process modeling, calibration, customization, interfacing with 3rd-party tools, IT infrastructure requirements and virtual fabrication best practices. These services enable a smooth transition and rapid ROI.