Training Course – Custom Training

The objectives of this 2 day course are to teach experienced CoventorWare™ users advanced topics and analysis-specific techniques related to their own MEMS. The course content is flexible and focused on solving customer specific design problems.

Any topic of interest related to CoventorWare can be covered in the course. Topics of potential interest are:


  • Understanding the ARCHITECT models
  • Validation of schematic to FEA and validation of component models
  • Simulation options, what to all the parameters do, e.g. sample point density
  • How to calibrate an analysis
  • How to add control electronics
  • Writing MAST models and macros
  • MEMS IC co-simulation, connecting to Matlab-Simlink and Cadence-Frameway
  • Package Analysis in ARCHITECT
  • Magnetic and piezoresistive libraries
  • Other tools in ARCHITECT,  e.g. design of experiments, RF waveguide tool and S parameter simulation


  • PreProcessor – understand element types and meshing algorithms
  • MemElectro – advanced solver settings and convergence monitoring
  • MemMech  – electro-thermal-mechanics, piezoelectrics (for FBAR/BAW/SAW sensor), advanced solver settings, contact, and solver convergence monitoring
  • CoSolve – using charge control
  • MemPZR – piezoresistive-mechanics
  • MemDamping – damping coefficient computation

Who should attend

The course is developed for experienced users of CoventorWare who wish to learn more about the software in order to increase their design efficiency or to solve design problems. The is not a course for new users.


If you are interested in attending a training session with Coventor, please contact us for details on the next scheduled course.  For customers in the Asia Pacific region who require training, please contact our Asian distributors.

Phone: 919.854.7500

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