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Coventor Participates in A*STAR IME’S Third Consortium to Develop MEMS Technologies for Industrial IOT, Automotive and Indoor Navigation Applications


A*STAR IME’s collaborative partnership with industry will enable the development of cutting-edge industrial-grade sensors to heighten performance and achieve cost-effectiveness for MEMS devices

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Silicon Designs rolls out ±5-g MEMS accelerometer

Silicon Designs Inc. – Joining Silicon Designs’ 2210 series of single-axis accelerometer modules is a ±5-g model intended to support a variety of lower-frequency aerospace, automotive, defense, industrial, and general test and measurement requirements. The 2210-005 incorporates MEMS capacitive sensing elements packaged within a lightweight anodized epoxy-sealed aluminum housing that occupies a total footprint of just 1 square in.

The accelerometer has a simple four-wire connection and internal voltage regulator to minimize supply-voltage variation effects. It is relatively insensitive to temperature changes and features high-drive, low-impedance buffering to support low-frequency acceleration measurement requirements from DC to 400 Hz.

All models in the 2210 series produce two analog voltage outputs, which vary with acceleration. You can choose either 0.5-V to 4.5-V single-ended or ±4-V differential output, which doubles the sensitivity over single-ended output. Differential sensitivity for the 2210-005 is 800 mV/g.

The sensitive axis is perpendicular to the bottom of the package, with positive acceleration defined as a force pushing on the bottom of the package. Signal outputs are fully differential about a common-mode voltage of approximately 2.5 V. Output scale factor is independent from the supply voltage of +9 V to +32 V.

Silicon Designs 2210 Data Sheet

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MEMSIC Introduces World’s Smallest and Most Robust Digital Accelerometer With Features Never Before Available at This Price- Point

MEMSIC Introduces World’s Smallest and Most Robust Digital Accelerometer With Features Never Before Available at This Price- Point

MEMSIC Inc.a leading provider of MEMS devices and sensor- based systems has announced the availability of its MXC6226XC MEMS two-axis digital accelerometer, the world’s smallest, fully-integrated MEMS accelerometer. Based on MEMSIC’s patented MEMS thermal technology, it is manufactured using a standard 0.18um CMOS process and advanced wafer- level packaging (WLP). The resulting device demonstrates MEMSIC’s leadership in providing state-of-the-art motion sensing functions at a price- point never before available to designers of cost sensitive systems like cell phones, toys, games, cameras and appliances. The MXC6226XC accelerometer provides superior performance and functionality to designers who have previously not been able to consider motion sensing for their products. MEMSIC’s MXC6226XC enables designers to significantly enhance the value of their product. It also serves as a high value-added replacement to designs employing mechanical switches, which are much less reliable and less capable.
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Colibrys precision tilt sensor locked into high reliability platform stabilization applications

Colibrys (Switzerland) Ltd. has announced the release of the MS9001.D, a MEMS based tilt sensor targeted at industrial and aerospace markets for use typically in platform stabilization applications. The product has already been qualified for example in conjunction with satellite communication and scanning radar antennas, remote surveillance cameras, industrial table-tops or fire-control servo-systems. read more…

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