Software Licensing

Coventor’s products are licensed using the FLEXlm network license manager from Flexera Software. No license is required for SEMulator3D Reader. All licensed products including, CoventorMP (MEMS+ and CoventorWare), Architect3D and SEMulator3D obtain their license from a license server. The license server may be your notebook or desktop system, or any other system on your local area network. All products also support the use of three (3) redundant license servers. In this case, each server requires its own unique license file. The license files for all products can be installed with a separate product called Coventor Licensing.

If you encounter a problem when installing a license, or if a Coventor product will not start because it cannot obtain a license, please review the documentation that is included with the Coventor Licensing installation and with the product installation. If you are unable to resolve the problem, please contact your Coventor support representative.

Procedure for Obtaining and Installing Coventor License Files

Upon receipt of a valid purchase order, or approval of a limited-term evaluation, you will receive email from Coventor with information on requesting a Customer Portal account. This will give you access to software downloads.
After you receive credentials, login to the Customer Portal and download Coventor Licensing and the products that you have purchased or plan to evaluate.
Install Coventor Licensing on the license server and run the License Installer. Click through the dialogs until you see the option “I need to obtain the required license file”. Select that option and click Next.
In the next window, copy all information in the scrolling textbox and paste it into the body of an email message. Send that message with appropriate Subject to [email protected].
Coventor will send you an email within 2 business days with your license file(s) attached. Save the attachment(s) on the system that will be used as a license server and start Coventor Licensing. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the license.

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