Technical Support & Training

At Coventor, the value we bring goes beyond simply providing the best-in-class tools for MEMS Design and Semiconductor Process Development. Our staff of Ph.D-level applications engineers focuses only on MEMS and semiconductor applications, and provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage in getting fully optimized, high-performance designs into production.

Our expert technical support has enabled Coventor to forge close partnerships with technology leaders, resulting in the accelerated development of our customer’s next generation products and technologies.

If you are using a licensed or evaluation copy of one of our products and require support, please contact your local Coventor Support representative.

Customized Training Courses

Coventor offers training courses to accelerate adoption and productive use of our software. Courses include lectures and demonstrations, but place the strongest emphasis on hands-on exercises. During these highly interactive courses, students are able to discuss their specific areas of interest and technical challenges with Coventor’s technical staff. The following course descriptions are representative. Most courses are tailored to the knowledge level and interests of the trainees. Hands-on exercises may use standard or customer-specific content.

Semiconductor Process Development with SEMulator3D

Students will learn how to enter process decks, and build and view 3D models using available modeling operations in SEMulator3D. Advanced skills such as inserting metrology operations, setting up virtual experiments, and performing quantitative analysis will also be covered.

MEMS Design and MEMS+IC Simulation with CoventoMP MEMS+

Students will learn how to construct models of MEMS designs in CoventorMP MEMS+. Time will be devoted to running parametric analyses to optimize performance and do design trade-off studies. Students will also learn how to simulate MEMS+IC system models in MATLAB and Simulink from The Mathworks, and MEMS+IC circuit models in Cadence Virtuoso.

MEMS Design and Analysis with CoventorMP CoventorWare Designer and Analyzer

Students will learn how to build a 3D model and prepare the model for analysis in Designer, and run simulations in Analyzer. For trainees with CoventorMP CoventorWare experience, the course may focus on effectively using the recently added Python scripting interface to automate analysis tasks.

Joint Training with MEMS Foundries

Students will learn to use one or more of our products in conjunction with a previously developed Foundry Access Kit for a selected partner foundry.

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