Enclosed FinFET structure formation In
Modeling of Cross Wafer Induced Process Variations
October 6, 2015
Evaluating MEMS Device Virtual Metrology & DRIE
March 18, 2014

Whitepaper: 3D NAND Flash Processing

Coventor’s powerful SEMulator3D semiconductor process modeling platform offers a wide range of technology development capabilities for the development of cutting edge 3D NAND Flash Technology. 3D NAND promises high memory cell density with reduced data corruption, but also brings processing challenges. The structural complexity and inherent 3D nature of devices using 3D NAND require a predictive 3D modeling platform to perform critical analysis. The interactions between different modules and understanding defect evolution in such structures have become increasingly difficult. SEMulator3D is optimally suited for this work, due to its industry-leading predictive modeling performance and accuracy. This paper reviews how using virtual fabrication techniques with SEMulator3D, issues in 3D NAND Flash can be anticipated early, reducing development time and saving silicon runs.

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