22nm Technology Yield Optimization Using Multivariate 3D Virtual Fabrication
September 9, 2013
3D NAND flash memory array, based on TCAT [1], with 16 cells per string, top gate-select layer and bottom source-select layer.
3D NAND Flash Processing
March 10, 2015

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Whitepaper:Evaluating MEMS Devices Virtual Metrology & DRIE

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This paper explores the capabilities of Coventor’s powerful SEMulator3D semiconductor process modeling platform. In this detailed report, MEMS device virtual metrology and virtual fabrication of DRIE based structures is demonstrated. An RF Tunable capacitor, similar to a gyroscope with rotative displacement using comb-drive electrostatic actuation, is used to demonstrate virtual fabrication. Virtual metrology measurements are also extracted for the device. The tunable capacitor modeling exercise illustrates the platform’s capabilities, both in predictive design technology modeling and in virtual measurement data extraction.

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